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This product is suitable for single rocker control type games(eg: for Mario, for Street Fighter2)
Plug and play. Connect to the switch host through the TYPE-C male
Take power directly to the host and control the game operation of the host
TURBO continuous function, action buttons including (A / B / X / Y / L / ZL / R / ZR) 8 buttons can use TURBO function


Product Type: Charging Dock
Compatible Models: Nintendo Switch & Joy-con
Colour: Black
Connectors: USB 2.0
Ports: USB 2.0
Input Type: DC 4.8~5.5V
Power Consumption: 4.2w
Estimated Charging Time: 3~3.5 Hours
Console Platform: Nintendo Switch
Package Contents: 1 x Charging Dock
Brand: ipega


1.Connect the charger to the original Nintendo Switch to get power input
2.After power-on, the iPega logo is always on in white, the gamepad indicator icons are green.
3.Plug in the joy-con or pro controller for charging, the corresponding indicator icons turn red, and they will turn green after fully charged.
4.Extend 2 USB 2.0 port, support communication. Extend 2 joy-con wrist strap socket, make it easy to store.