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- Add this service for extra protection and care for the parcel
- Double protection
- Reduce the risk of damage from bad courier handling service
- Purchase ONE Extra Protection for ONE order


- High durable
- 100 % made from virgin material
- Color: Black Exterior and Black Interior for Added Security
- Water resistant
- Puncture resistant
- Thickness: 0.1cm
- Package: 100pcs
- Tear resistant
- Self seal closure
- Light weight perfect to post small item or big item at minimal cost
- Cannot be re-opened without destroying bag


- Material: PE/Nylon 7layer nylon co-extruded film
- Name: Thicken inflatable air column film
- Product features 2: anti-pressure, buffer impact,protect
- Product features 1: shockproof,drop-proof, collision-proof
- Product advantages: Space-saving,the whole can be freely cut
- Applicable products 2: milk powder,red wine,tea, Jewellery,etc
- Material advantages: ecological, toughness super
- Role: Mail,fragile items,logistics,packaging
- Applicable products 1: mail,gifts,cups,bottles,fruits
- Thickness: 7.5 wire
- Color: white transparent

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Fast and good

27 August 2020